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Dr. Paul Bedford’s 5 Key Tips to Supercharge Your Business..

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In the dynamic fitness industry, Dr. Paul Bedford emerges as a guide of expertise, specializing in retention strategies. As the owner of Retention Guru, he extends his knowledge to independent gyms and international franchises, assisting in their business development. In this article, we delve into Dr. Bedford’s 5 key tips to supercharge your business, offering valuable insights for enhancing performance and success.

1. Customized Onboarding Plans

Recognizing the diverse gym-goer profiles the New Member, Savvy Member, and Yo-Yo Member Dr. Bedford advocates for a customized onboarding approach. By asking the right questions, the onboarding team can identify who needs more support, ensuring each member receives the assistance required for a lasting commitment.

2. Precise Customer Journey Mapping

Highlighting the importance of touchpoints in the customer journey, Dr. Bedford advises against constant sales messaging. Instead, he recommends mapping out the journey timeline, identifying customer service levels, emotional experiences, and choosing appropriate communication channels like SMS or email.

3. Seamless Sales to Onboarding

Dr. Bedford emphasizes the critical link between sales and onboarding. To avoid member disorientation, he suggests creating an overlap in responsibilities. Properly introducing new members to staff, facilities, and events during the transition ensures a smooth journey from lead to fully onboarded member.

4. Evolve Your Online Product

With the rise of online fitness, Dr. Bedford stresses the need to continually improve recorded workouts. Understanding what works and what doesn’t, adapting to members’ expectations, and capitalizing  team strengths are crucial for a persuasive online offering.

5. Unified Retention Strategy for Franchises

For franchise heads, Dr. Bedford underlines the importance of consistency across all locations. Implementing a retention playbook and showcasing its value through data, not just in customer experience but also in bottom-line impact, ensures consistent success across the franchise.


Dr. Paul Bedford’s insights provide a roadmap for businesses aiming to elevate their performance in the fitness industry. From aligning sales and onboarding to implementing integrated  franchise-wide retention strategies, these tips serve as valuable tools for success in an ever-evolving landscape.

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