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What Do Consumers Want as They Return to Fitness? Here’s What Our Research Says..

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As the fitness topography  undergoes transformations, understanding consumer preferences is essential for fitness businesses. Exploring the desires of returning consumers illuminates on trends that can shape the industry. Our research highlights key aspects of what consumers seek as they re-engage with fitness.

1. Prioritizing Safety and Cleanliness 

Consumers prioritize fitness facilities that prioritize safety and hygiene. Durable sanitation measures, well-ventilated spaces, and visible cleanliness contribute to a sense of security among returning members.

2. Various Fitness Options

The demand for hybrid fitness models continues to rise. Consumers seek a blend of in-person and virtual fitness experiences, allowing flexibility in their workout routines.

3. Community and Social Interaction

Returning consumers emphasize the importance of a fitness community. Group classes, social events, and collaborative fitness challenges contribute to a sense of belonging and motivation.

4. Health and Wellness Programs

People are realizing the connection between physical and mental well-being. Fitness places offering programs for stress relief and mental health are popular. People now want health monitoring beyond basic fitness measurements and facilities with wellness programs and healthcare partnerships are meeting this demand.

5. Flexible Memberships options and Pricing

Flexibility in membership options and pricing structures is a key consideration. Consumers appreciate adaptable membership plans that cater to their specific needs and financial situations.

6. Diverse Fitness facilities 

The demand for diverse fitness offerings beyond traditional gym equipment is on the rise. Studios incorporating varied classes like yoga, dance, and specialized training attract a wider audience.

7. Smooth Booking and Scheduling process 

Consumers value efficiency in booking and scheduling. Fitness businesses providing user-friendly platforms for class reservations and seamless scheduling experiences enhance overall satisfaction.

8. Expertised InstructorsInstructors play an essential  role. Consumers prioritize fitness facilities with qualified instructors who bring expertise, motivation, and a positive atmosphere to their classes.

9. Clear Communication

Transparent and proactive communication from fitness businesses builds trust. Keeping members informed about safety measures, schedule changes, and upcoming events contributes to a positive consumer experience.

10. Smart Equipment

The integration of artificial intelligence and smart equipment elevates the workout experience. Consumers seek fitness facilities that utilize technology for personalized feedback, automated adjustments, and data-driven insights.

11. Community Engagement

Fitness businesses engaging in social responsibility initiatives and community outreach connect  with consumers. Supporting local causes, charity events, and community development promotes a positive image.

12. Flexible Operating Hours 

Flexibility extends beyond membership plans. Fitness facilities offering extended operating hours cater to diverse schedules, accommodating members with various time preferences for their workouts.

13. Nutrition Guidance 

The integration of nutrition guidance complements fitness routines. Consumers appreciate facilities offering nutritional advice and access to healthy snack options, creating a comprehensive approach to wellness.


The ever-evolving fitness environment requires a strategic approach. By embracing sustainability, technological advancements, and a comprehensive wellness focus, fitness businesses can position themselves as responsive to the diverse expectations of today’s consumers. Adapting to consumer expectations is essential for the success of fitness businesses in the post-pandemic era. By embracing safety measures, offering personalized experiences, and staying aligned to evolving preferences, fitness establishments can create environments that resonate with returning consumers.

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